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Abby Pivaronas Born: April 8, 1987 Chicago, IL Occupation: Actress and Model Years active: 2007- (present)

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind" - Abby

Abby Pivaronas is an actress and model. Her first role was Marla in the made-for-tv film Cheerleader Camp. In 2010 she signed autographs at the grand opening of an Illinois girls party beautique Polkadots and Ponytails. She is most famous for her recurring role as Vanessa Page on Jonas L.A.

Early LifeEdit

She grew up in Frankfort, Illinois. She went to Lincoln Way East High School. Pivaronas
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has stated she graduated a year early, excelling at grades and sports. "I think i have backproblems from all the book i used to carry around, i was nerd in school."Abby says.

2007 PresentEdit

Once she was out of high school she moved to Paris to start modeling but then moved back so she could focus on her acting career. Her first movie role was in Cheerleading Camp.
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Jonas L.A.Edit

She is popular for portraying a hollywood moviestar, Vanessa Page. Vanessa Page is Joes love interest in season two. At the opening of Polkadots and Ponytail she announced that the second season of Jonas would me the last.
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Vanessa Page

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