Abby Pivaronas3

Vanessa Page Gender: Female Occupation: Actress Introduce in: House Party Portrayed by: Abby Pivaronas

Vanessa Page is a famous Hollywood actress on the fictitious teen show, Malibu High, and a minor antagonist of season 2. She is working on a move called Forever April. She meets Joe when he is shopping for clothes to meet Stella. While he is trying on clothes she answers his cellphone. She tells Joe her director wants a Joe from Jonas type guy to play her love interest in the movie. They celebrate when he gets the part. She has a dog named Chakra.

She was very mean to Stella before Joe breaks up with her.

When Joe asks Vanessa out she accepts. Though she appears to be a simple minded, happy, and nice person when she finds out Joe and Stella used to date she threatens Stella to stay away from him and gets mad when she shows up on "her" movie set.